Laurel’s Approach

Transitions Law, LLC

Laurel M. Millette provides holistic estate planning and estate administration counsel to her clients. Rather than preparing ad-hoc documents by request, Laurel will first meet with new clients to determine the type of plan and accompanying documents needed and appropriate for each situation. Before the first meeting, Laurel will request some background information to prepare a first work session specifically tailored to each client’s individual needs.

At the initial meeting, time will be spent addressing immediate concerns and then identifying the client’s overall goals and objectives. A customized plan will be crafted to achieve those goals best. In addition to standard legal documents such as wills, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts (if appropriate), durable powers of attorney, and health care proxies, clients are also encouraged to fund their trusts during their lifetime or to prepare ethical wills or other letters of instructions to fiduciaries, family members, and friends. For clients concerned about the potential for significant Massachusetts or Federal estate tax liability in the future, the availability and advisability of more sophisticated estate tax planning techniques will be addressed at the first meeting and throughout the engagement.

Each estate and trust engagement has different and unique characteristics, dynamics, and action items concerning estate and trust administration matters. Laurel will work closely with each Trustee or Personal Representative (formerly Executor) of an estate to create a tailored approach to each such representation.

Family Advisory Services are offered to a limited number of ultra-high net worth clients who need ongoing representation. Family Advisory programs are entirely custom-tailored representations, and each such agreement will be designed based on the particular needs and desires of the family.

In addition, Laurel is well versed in philanthropic planning through her years serving as estate counsel and now in her current role as a Professional Advisor with The Boston Foundation, and she can provide in-depth counsel regarding the myriad of planning opportunities for philanthropy – either during lifetime or through one’s estate.

Finally, in line with Laurel’s goal of providing holistic estate planning counsel, she has worked hard to develop long-standing relationships with local professionals who offer complementary services (such as Insurance Advisory Services or Investment / Wealth Management Services) for the benefit of her clients in need of such referrals. Laurel prides herself on identifying other professionals in complementary fields who share her commitment to client service and compassionate representation, coupled with a high level of technical expertise and prestige in their respective fields. She does not accept referral fees from outside advisors, and she works diligently to remain independent and constantly research, identify and vet out other outstanding professionals in complementary professional fields.

Please get in touch with Laurel to learn more about her practice and see how she may assist you with your estate planning needs